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09/10/2015 09/10/2015

The Importance and Practical Use of Synodic Cycles – A Lecture with Daniel Giamario

Thursday, September 10, 2015 This presentation will explore the importance and practical value of the synodic cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Daniel Giamario pioneered the resurgence of the current interest in synodic cycles with his research writings in the 1990’s. The Talk will show how the use of these cycles can connect the individual into […]

Location : Puget Sound Yacht Club

09/12/2015 09/12/2015

The Inner Sacred Marriage Process using Venus and Mars – A Workshop with Daniel Giamario

Saturday, September 12, 2015 Join Daniel Giamario as he presents his latest research and experience with the Inner Sacred Marriage Process, which is an innovative astrological technique using the projected archetypal images of a man’s Venus and a woman’s Mars onto the external images of the “beloved”. Joined together with the use of the ASC/DSC axis, this process […]

Location : Puget Sound Yacht Club

09/20/2015 09/20/2015

Celebrating the life of Margaret “Maggie” Nalbandian

Once Upon A Time Remembering Margaret “Maggie” Nalbandian by Diana Stone Just as the legendary fairytale maid Cinderella, Maggie Nalbandian possessed a significant shoe that is the key to her life and legacy. It leaves a footprint that is the largest in the Land of Astrology et al and Beyond. However, this modern-day Cinderella remained […]

Location : DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Seattle Airport/Southcenter, 16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA 98188, USA

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Myths and Planets: Exploring a Deep Mystery – A Lecture with Richard Tarnas

Thursday, March 12, 2015 Does the myth of the deity whose name astronomers assigned to a celestial body automatically reveal the true nature of its astrological meaning? If so, then do Greco-Roman myths have unique relevance to these planetary forces even though they are seen as universal and cross-cultural, affecting peoples from all societies and […]

Visitations of Dionysus – A Workshop with Richard Tarnas

Saturday, March 14, 2015 There is no place without Gods and no activity that does not enact them. Every fantasy, every experience has its archetypal reason. There is nothing that does not belong to one God or another. James Hillman In this workshop we will explore the nature of the Pluto archetype, using many entertaining […]

The Solar Return Chart – A Workshop with Joanne Wickenburg

Saturday, April 11, 2015 Joanne Wickenburg will be sharing information from her new e-book on solar return charts. Not to be confused with the solar chart, the solar return is cast for the time each year when the Sun returns to its natal position, and is in effect from one birth date to the next. […]

Creating Wholeness and Health through the Sacred Marriage

by Daniel Giamario Most everyone in contemporary culture is wired to look outside themselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. There is a longing to find the magical “other”, the soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism of this longing, as it motivates even autonomous or renunciate individuals to learn more about […]

Q&A with Daniel Giamario

What brought you to astrology? During my senior year in college (1969-1970), my girlfriend was an astrologer and she taught me. I was practicing within the year and Dane Rudhyar became my main inspiration. Why do you practice astrology? What makes it juicy for you? To assist another in discovering and aligning with their life […]

Q&A with Kelly Surtees

What brought you to astrology? I have always been curious about life, purpose and how to make sense of our human experience. I discovered astrology fairly young, around the age of 11 and have always been inspired by the insights astrology can provide, about all areas of life. My mother passed away when I was […]

Q&A with Joanne Wickenburg

1. What brought you to astrology? Depression after a divorce, and needing to find a new direction. I had no job and no child support and desperately needed to do something with my life. A friend mentioned the word astrology and that was that. I immediately found a book store and bought my first book. […]