News – June 2010

June Meeting and Elections

With the Jupiter and Uranus ingress into Aries, who better to help us close out the year than the very Aries always passionate and energizing speaker Rick Levine? Join us at 7:30pm on Thursday June 10th at the Puget Sound Yacht Club –2321 N Northlake Way in Seattle—to elect in the new WSAA Board and welcome our final speaker for the 2009/2010 year!

Rick Levine

Rick Levine is a renowned astrologer, scholar and author. His daily horoscope column is translated into Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. It’s published by and reaches millions of people every day, being featured on Internet sites such as iGoogle, AOL, MySpace, and Beliefnet. His “Your Astrology Guide” (written with Jeff Jawer) is published for Barnes and Noble by Sterling Press and in its sixth year. His “Quantum Astrology” DVD reveals his thinking on astrology, science, spirituality and history as he bridges the gulf between technical and popular astrology. He is the cofounder of, a Founding Trustee of Kepler College and an active voice in the international astrology community. Rick has been known to channel Albert Einstein and Groucho Marx simultaneously. He is a computer wizard, a net-junkie, a photographer, a lover of fine red wine, and is rumored to have an advanced Intel microprocessor embedded in his brain.


The Beauty of Illusion: Venus and Neptune

It has been said that Venus is personal love and Neptune is spiritual love. Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus. What is the real relationship between these two feminine planets and what do they have to do with the magic of the Golden Mean, also known as the Divine Proportion? How do they best work together? And what happens when they do not? Come on an excursion into the world of art, beauty and fantasy as we delve into the myths and practical applications of this dynamic duo — natally, in transit, and in relationships.

* Our previously scheduled speaker, Dennis Harness, had to cancel for the June meeting but we look forward to having him back to WSAA in the future.


Elections are held at the June 10th meeting but members can also vote by absentee ballot. If you’d like a ballot please contact Julie James, We must receive your absentee ballot by mail no later than June 7th, so we ask that you mail in your ballot by June 3rd in order to reach us in time.

You must be a member of WSAA to vote and/or nominate yourself for a position on the board.

There is still time to nominate yourself for a position on the board. You have until May 27th to let the current Secretary know which position you are interested in and how to contact you. Please contact her

Current WSAA Board Nominees:
  • Kate Fluckinger and Stephanie Gailing – for Co-Presidency (President and Vice-President)
  • John Chinworth – for Secretary
  • Laura Nalbandian – for Treasurer
  • Shannon Garcia – for Marketing/Tech


This year WSAA is hosting a Saturday Night Salon at NORWAC! The purpose of the Salon is to build community by creating a “Forum for the People.” We plan to have lively discussions on topics such as Current Cycles, the Uranus Aries Point, and Astrologers as a Community Presence. We hope the Salon will also help promote WSAA in the Seattle area by connecting in the many astrologers we know are out there. Refreshments will be served. Please join us in making this a fun and revolutionary experience! Go to the Summit II Room, Saturday, 9:15 to 11:30 pm.

Upcoming Events

WSAA hosts a Saturday Night Salon at NORWAC

May 29th 9:15pm

NORWAC – The Northwest Astrological Conference

May 28 – 31st 2010
Doubletree Suites Hotel, 16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA

“NORWAC feels like family. Other conferences feed my head; NORWAC does that excellently, but it also feeds my heart.” – Steven Forrest

Northwest Vedic Sciences Conference

June 18 – 21
Embassy Suites Hotel, Lynnwood, WA

There is something for everyone as Saturday’s track will be introductory in focus and Sunday’s track more advanced. There is an option to choose between two pre- or post- conference intensives to deepen your knowledge in your area of interest.

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