2011-2012 Meeting Schedule

September 2011

Featured Speaker: Maria Kay Simms

Thursday, September 8: Lecture

Moon Tides, Soul Passages

Saturday, September 10: Workshop

Investigation Techniques from the Dial Detective

October 2011

Featured Speaker: Sam Geppi

Thursday, October 13: Lecture

Vedic Astro-Psychology: Beneath Waves of Emotion

Saturday, October 15: Workshop

Moon Yogas: Knowing the Heart of Your Clients

November 2011

Featured Speaker: Demetra George

Thursday, November 10: Lecture

Thema Mundi: Horoscope of the World

Saturday, November 12: Workshop

Traditional Astrology for Yourself: A Beginner and Intermediate Tutorial

December 2011 – Holiday Party

Featured Speaker: (TBD)

Thursday, December 8: Holiday Party

Join WSAA for our annual holiday party.

January 2012

Featured Speaker: Daniel Giamario

Thursday, January 12: Lecture

The Galactic Alignment, Cardinal Crosses, and The Turning of the Ages

Saturday, January 14: Workshop

A Shamanic Approach to the Moon and Lunar Nodes

February 2012

Featured Speaker: Kristin Fontana

Note: due to a schedule change, the February meetings will be the first week of the month, a week EARLIER than usual. Please update your calendars!

Thursday, February 2: Lecture

The Road to Higher Love!

Saturday, February 4: Workshop

Evolution of the Goddess!

March 2012

Featured Speaker: Rick Tarnas

Thursday, March 8: Lecture

Synchronicity, Romance, and Astrology

Saturday, March 10: Workshop

Understanding Our Moment in History: An Archetypal Perspective

April 2012

Featured Speaker: Gary Caton

Thursday, April 12: Lecture

Cycles of Mercury: Transformation and the Trickster

May 2012

Featured Speaker: Madeline Gerwick

Thursday, May 10: Lecture

Good Timing for Success

June 2012

Featured Speaker: (TBD)

Thursday, June 14: Community Panel

topic to be announced