International Astrology Day 2011 (Seattle)

WSAA member Amy Herring, who hosted the First Annual International Astrology Day Community Fair on March 20th, writes in about the event:

“Astrologer Rick Levine opened the fair with some excellent and entertaining remarks and also joined astrologers Devron Erin Rombouts and John Chinworth in giving back-to-back astrology readings for fair attendees. Astrologers and artists Moll Frothingham, Bradley Naragon, and Maria Ruano brought some fabulous creations to display for the art show, and Shannon Garcia created a gorgeous display of flowers, herbs, and stones for each sign that drew everyone in. Astrologer Leah Parker was especially helpful in keeping everything running smoothly over at the media table, letting people know how to learn more about astrology and about great, local resources such as WSAA.

The event was a huge success! Thanks to all these astrologers (and WSAA members!) for donating their time and talent. Click this link to see the great photos of the event, taken and donated by Karen Anderson Cooke. “

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