2012-2013 Meeting Schedule

September 2012

Featured Speaker: Maurice Fernandez

Thursday, September 6: Lecture

Saturn in Scorpio and the Dec 21, 2012 YOD

Saturday, September 8: Workshop

Identifying Past Lives in the Birth Chart

October 2012

Featured Speaker: Adam Gainsburg

Thursday, October 11: Lecture

Beyond the Dragon’s Head & Tail: The Heart of the Lunar Nodes

Saturday, October 13: Workshop

Feminine Dynamism: Unfolding Your Venus Phase

November 2012

Featured Speaker: Doug Noblehorse

Thursday, November 8: Lecture

The Platonic Soul in the Horoskopos

Saturday, November 10: Workshop

Exploring the Difference Between Modern and Traditional Views of Planetary Aspects

December 2012 – Holiday Party

Featured Speaker: Rick Levine

Thursday, December 13: Holiday Party

Join WSAA for our annual holiday party.

January 2013

Featured Speaker: Patricia Walsh

Thursday, January 10: Lecture

Generations: Natal Pluto in the Signs

Saturday, January 12: Workshop

Pluto in Capricorn and the Hero’s Journey

February 2013

Featured Speaker: Lee Lehman

Thursday, February 14: Lecture

Mercurys and the Moon: the Mind/Memory Interface

Saturday, February 16: Workshop

Classical Solar Returns

March 2013

Featured Speaker: Demetra George

Thursday, March 14: Lecture

Asteroid Goddesses, the Sacred Marriage, and Saint Teresa of Avila

Saturday, March 16: Workshop

Asteroids: Windows into Fate and Destiny

April 2013

Featured Speaker: Alan Oken

Thursday, April 4: Lecture

The struggle to live consciously in an unconscious world.

Saturday, April 6: Workshop

The Tree of Life: The four major angles of the natal chart from both a traditional and soul-centered perspective.

May 2013

Featured Speaker: Andrea Gehrz

Thursday, May 9: Lecture

Is it a Honeymoon Phase or is it True Love? A Conversation on Companionship through Astrology

June 2013

Featured Speaker: Nuno Michaels

Thursday, June 6: Lecture

A Multi-level vision of Astrology

Saturday, June 8: Workshop

Try-it-yourself: my favorite astro-counselling techniques