2013-2014 Meeting Schedule

September 2013

Featured Speaker: Judith Hill

Thursday, September 12: Lecture

Spiritual Signposts in the Astrological Birthmap

Saturday, September 14: Workshop

Transits To and From the Lunar Nodes


Saturday, September 21: AstroSalon Potluck- Lunations

October 2013

Featured Speaker: Rick Levine

Thursday, October 10: Lecture

An Astrological Smorgasbord

Saturday, October 12: Workshop

12 Practical Steps to Better Chart Readings: Improving Your Client Consultations

November 2013

Featured Speaker: Laura Nalbandian

Thursday, November 14: Lecture

Ceres: A Question of What Sustains Us

December 2013 – Holiday Party

Featured Speaker: Jeff Jawer

Thursday, December 12: Holiday Party

Join WSAA for our annual holiday party.

January 2014

Featured Speaker: Greg Bogart

Thursday, January 9: Lecture

Better than Prozac: Astrology and Mental Health

Saturday, January 11: Workshop

Astrology And Dreams

February 2014

Featured Speaker: Julene Packer-Louis

Thursday, February 13: Lecture

The Attraction & Timing of Karmic Relationships

Saturday, February 15: Workshop

The Astrology of Fate, Serendipity and Attraction

March 2014

Featured Speaker: Rob Hand

Thursday, March 13: Lecture

The Serpent, the Serpentary (Ophiuchus) and the Earth

Saturday, March 15: Workshop

Vocational Astrology

April 2014

Thursday, April 10: Taste of WSAA

May 2014

Featured Speaker: Amy Herring

Thursday, May 8: Lecture

From Crisis to Breakthrough: Saturn and Uranus in Mid-life

June 2014

Featured Speaker: Rhea Wolf

Thursday, June 12: Lecture

The Moon, Feminine Consciousness and the Soul of Change

Saturday, June 14: Workshop

The Moon as the Soul of the Chart