2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

July 2014

Saturday, July 26: Astro Potluck- Jupiter in Leo

August 2014

Saturday, August 16: Astro Potluck- Venus Transits

September 2014

Featured Speaker: Mark Jones

Thursday, September 11: Lecture

Transformational Astrology: The Astrology of Now

Saturday, September 13: Workshop

Transformational Astrology: The Astrology of Always


Saturday, September 20: Astro Potluck- The Aries Point

October 2014

Featured Speaker: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

Thursday, October 9: Lecture

Astro*Carto*Graphy and the U.S. Presidency

Saturday, October 11: Workshop

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Beyond


Saturday, October 18: Astro Potluck

November 2014

Featured Speaker: Gregory Nalbandian

Thursday, November 13: Lecture

Making order out of chaos: Feng Shui & Astrology


Saturday, November 22: Astro Potluck

December 2014

Thursday, December 11: Holiday Party

Join WSAA for our annual holiday party!

January 2015

Featured Speaker: Gary Lorentzen

Thursday, January 8: Lecture

The U.S. Chart and Its Controversies

Saturday, January 10: Workshop

The Time of the Fishes: An Astrological Critique of the Piscean Age

February 2015

Featured Speaker: Kira Sutherland

Thursday, February 12: Lecture

The Houses in Medical Astrology

Saturday, February 14: Workshop

Topics in Medical Astrology: Elective Lunar Surgery, and Astro-Fertility

March 2015

Featured Speaker: Richard Tarnas

Thursday, March 12: Lecture

Myths and Planets: Exploring a Deep Mystery

Saturday, March 14: Workshop

Visitations of Dionysus

April 2015

Featured Speaker: Joanne Wickenburg

Thursday, April 9: Lecture

The Solar Return Chart

Saturday, April 11: Workshop

Living Your Chart

May 2015

Thursday, May 14: Taste of WSAA

June 2015

Featured Speaker: Kelly Surtees

Thursday, June 4: Lecture

Please note that the June events are the first week of the month!

Strong Planets

Saturday, June 6: Workshop

Working With the Angles