2015-2016 Meeting Schedule

September 2015

Featured Speaker: Daniel Giamario

Thursday, September 10: Lecture

The Importance and Practical Use of Synodic Cycles

Saturday, September 12: Workshop

The Inner Sacred Marriage Process, using Venus and Mars

October 2015

Featured Speaker: April Elliott Kent

Thursday, October 8: Lecture

Saturn in Sagittarius: Scaling your Personal Everest

Saturday, October 10: Workshop

Using Your Birth Chart to Connect with your True Purpose

November 2015

Featured Speaker: Adam Gainsburg

Thursday, November 12: Lecture

Retrograde & Invisibility – the differences between planets retrograde and planets invisible

Saturday, November 14: Workshop

Chiron, The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart

December 2014

Saturday, December 12: Holiday Party

Join WSAA for our annual holiday party!

January 2016

Featured Speaker: Jason Holley

Thursday, January 14: Lecture

Virgo/Pisces: Dialectics of Order and Chaos in 2016

Saturday, January 16: Workshop

The Odyssey of Neptune Aspects and Transits: The Art of Being Lost at Sea While Making the Journey Home

February 2016

Featured Speaker: Austin Coppock

Thursday, February 11: Lecture

The Zodiac’s Many Faces: The Hidden History of the Decans

Saturday, February 13: Workshop

Putting Names To Faces: Using The Decans

March 2016

Featured Speaker: Patricia Walsh

Thursday, March 10: Lecture

April 2016

Featured Speaker: Jessica Lanyadoo

Thursday, April 14: Lecture

High Times & Addiction in the Chart

Saturday, April 16: Workshop

Prenatal Conditions in The Birth Chart

May 2016

Thursday, May 12: Taste of WSAA

June 2016

Featured Speaker: Tad Mann

Thursday, June 9: Lecture

New Concepts Expanding Astrology

Saturday, June 11: Workshop

Life Time Astrology Expanded