Q&A with Kristin Fontana

What brought you to astrology?

I was raised in a very traditional religious home and had a very formal educational experience as a pre- med major at UCLA so being an astrologer was never even on my radar. I spent my 20’s in corporate America and it wasn’t until 28 or 29 years of age, my Saturn return, when everything came crashing down (surprise, surprise) and I started asking those deeper questions such as “Why am I here” and “What is this all for?” It was this search for answers and meaning that led me into the world of astrology. It took nearly 4 more years of soul searching during which I was living daily the unraveling impact of Pluto transiting my South Node, Mercury, and Sun until the universe finally answered my prayers. On Easter Sunday morning, at the age of 33, I walked into a lecture given by Jeffrey Wolf Green and my life was forever changed. I had a physiological response to his message about the journey of the Soul, so penetrating that my heart was racing and my hands were shaking. It was an undeniable moment of awakening and awareness that led me, without question, heart first into this sacred work.

Why do you practice astrology—what makes it juicy for you?

I have always appreciated Science in the way that it can deliver proof or evidence and Astrology, being that it is a natural Science in this way, provides so much value to others as it serves to uncover themes of old and to validate emotions of the Soul’s reality on a moment to moment basis. It is a beautiful tool to empower anyone who has lost their way, who aches to know why or who needs encouragement to go after their Soul’s intended destiny.

What is your specialty or focus?

I am an Evolutionary Astrologer, which means my focus is on the Soul’s progression from life to life – Where the Soul has been, why it is here now and where it is headed, i.e., what a Soul came here to be and to do. I also have a great passion for working with the Goddess Asteroids to promote a return of the feminine in our culture that has become so sorely repressed. I use these symbols in combination with the Evolutionary Paradigm to empower Souls to access their natural way in the world, which in order for a full expression of this to occur requires a balance between the male and female principles.

Is there a planet, sign, or aspect you’ve been exploring lately that represents an archetype or energy that feels important to you right now?

Pluto and the Nodal axis are always a prominent focus in Evolutionary Astrology, but especially now as transiting Pluto in Capricorn approaches a conjunction to its own South Node, as well as to the South Node of Saturn. We have collectively reached an evolutionary gate where a significant chapter is ending; hopefully, that will include at some point the ending of a history of patriarchal influence and repression of all that is natural, so a new chapter, Uranus in Aries, can begin. It is also a time of extremes. It is about throwing off old paradigms and rules surrounding society’s expectations and limiting beliefs that do not serve us collectively or personally. It is about liberating from the old and outworn and all that has so clearly run its course. The natural Cardinal square reflects a need for fairness and balance, in terms of gender equality and economic justice. So my focus is on the Cardinal square that is activated but also in the natural trine from Aries to Sag, with transiting Saturn now strengthening its stride in Sagittarius, to help unlock the Soul’s natural rhythms and ways in the world.

Are there any additional comments you’d like to make about your lecture/workshop?

Just to come with an open heart and a readiness to grow beyond where you have been.

From your unique perspective, how do you see what’s come forth recently with regards to the current astrological weather?

This is the beginning of the end, meaning the end of a tired old theme that won’t hold water any longer. We are all now experiencing karma catching up with our culture. It is really simple in the end how it all works. We live in a world of energy – cause and effect. There is no getting around this fact. What goes out will eventually make its way back. On a personal level any Soul who has been resisting their natural way in the world due to a fear of breaking free will come face to face with inevitable change intended to catapult them forward in liberating ways.

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