2016 WSAA Holiday Party with our special speaker Rick Levine!

Dates: 12/10/2016 Dates: 12/10/2016 Times: 18:30 - 21:30 Location: Puget Sound Yacht Club

Saturday, December 10, 7-9:30 pm

It’s Holiday Party time!

Join your astrologer friends and colleagues (plus friends and family) on Saturday, 10 December for our annual WSAA Holiday Party at the Puget Sound Yacht Club. It will begin at 7:00 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm.

In the spirit of celebration, the party is free and open to the WSAA community (members and non-members); your loved ones are also invited to attend.

We’ll have a buffet potluck so bring a dish to share. WSAA will provide beverages.

But first we get to whet our mental appetites with our special speaker Rick Levine!

Topic: Astrology, Religion and Spirituality

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow deeper, our thoughts turn inward. The Winter Solstice is a holy time of year for many. What makes this time of year so special? What is its magic? What does astrology have to say about this time of year that’s so sacred to a variety of religions? What is the connection between astrology and religion? And what does spirituality have to do with it all? Join Rick for a romp through the holidays season from Herod to heresy, from Jesus to Gee Whiz.


RickLevineRick Levine is a two-term Past-President of the WSAA  (’92-94), a Founding Trustee of Kepler College, co-founder of StarIQ.com, co-author (with Jeff Jawer) of eight “Your Astrology Guide” annuals for Barnes and Noble. He is the subject of a DVD “Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and our Place in the Cycles of History.” He has written a daily horoscope column for Tarot.com for 15 years, lectured around the world, and maintains an active YouTube channel.


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