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Comparing the natal chart with the Solar Return

Written by Nina Gryphon I often encounter students of astrology who have been frustrated with Solar returns, and as a result, they have given up on using Solar returns. As standalone charts, Solar returns are only somewhat helpful, but to get the most out of this technique, we have to use it in conjunction with a few other indicators. Solar […]

Not a Fortune Teller …

Written by Adam Elenbaas When I first started studying astrology about ten years ago, there was a saying that I first encountered and quickly embraced, and it went like this, “I’m absolutely not a fortune teller. In fact, astrology really isn’t about predicting the future at all.” For a long time, this was an unexamined mantra […]

A Rough and Ready Guide to Horary Astrology

Written by Wade Caves Each branch of astrology serves its own purpose. Natal astrology seeks to explore the birth chart to unlock hidden potential and explore essential life themes. Mundane astrology focuses primarily on the fates of cities and nations, using the celestial bodies to chart their courses and involvement in world affairs. Electional astrology is […]

When an Astrology Reading Is More Then the Chart

Written by Laura Tadd In the last century, there has been a growing trend to interweave psychology and psychological theory with astrology. Unfortunately, in some circles within the astrology community, this has led to tension and conflict. Our discipline is so varied that at times we can struggle to see the values in the multitude of […]