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Q&A with Eric Meyers

What brought you to astrology? It came to me! Began studying in my early 20s after opening my mind. Why do you practice astrology—what makes it juicy for you? Best job in the world. I love supporting peoples’ spiritual development. We have access to such a profound tool, it’s an honor. What is your specialty […]

Not a Fortune Teller …

Written by Adam Elenbaas When I first started studying astrology about ten years ago, there was a saying that I first encountered and quickly embraced, and it went like this, “I’m absolutely not a fortune teller. In fact, astrology really isn’t about predicting the future at all.” For a long time, this was an unexamined mantra […]

Q&A with Rose Marcus

What brought you to astrology? For as far back as I can remember, astrology has always held fascination for me. My passion for the subject was apparently in full bloom early in life. I recently reconnected with an elementary school friend. She told me that the presentation I did in grade 6 left such an […]

Q&A with Adam Elenbaas

What brought you to astrology? I became interested in astrology through a series of psychedelic medicine ceremonies in the Amazon rainforest. The non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by the plant medicine, which is called “ayahuasca,” exposed me to the idea that celestial objects and events have a direct relationship to events in the psyche. Why […]