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Tara Aal
Practitioner at Higher Wellness
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Tara practices Astrology and Tarot at Higher Wellness and Stargazers Bookstore She studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and Soulsign Astrology with Adam Gainsburg. Tara is an artist, teacher, writer and speaker. She serves on the Washington State Astrological Association Board. Tara is Co-Host on Conscious Talk Radio’s The Women’s Hour, and the creator of the “Wisdom of Aal” segment on Higher Wellness Radio on 1150AM KKNW, Seattle’s Alternative Talk Radio.

Marcela Andaluz
Bothell, WA
Astrological Focus
Marcela is a humanistic astrologer. Graduate of “The Noel Tyl Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology”. She gives astrological consultations in English and Spanish and has a online course in Spanish on ‘The Art of Chart Synthesis’. Current WSAA Vice-President.

Joseph Hakim Anderson
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Joseph is a practitioner of shamanic healing, and uses astrology to assist with that work, as a pathway to deeper understanding of the inner dynamics of his clients’ lives: their purpose for coming into this life, the challenges they face, the opportunities that are present, where they are growing. To this end as part of our process together he will create a birth chart and refer to it periodically, alongside other healing processes, to help guide his intuition.

Gemini Brett
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Gemini Brett is a modern mystic, StarryTeller, and inspiring astrologer. His principle devotion is to help others further their gnoisis of Self and to rewrite rules that prevent them from following their highest excitement to the natural abundance and purpose of their true passion. Brett can be found around the world presenting workshops and holding ceremonies to assist in the healing of the condition he calls STARvation by voicing the vows that marry Heaven and Earth and reminding fellows of the starry fold to Look Up. Brett shares guidance frequently through his StarryTelling Podcast and several YouTube projects.

Marcia Butchart
Sammamish, WA
Astrological Focus
Hellenistic. Medieval. Fixed Stars. Rectification.

Darleen Christopher
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
To assist in liberating the soul.

Danny Corey
Astrological Focus
Danny’s astrological focuses are to further our understanding of reading the planets and also to share astrology with all manner of individuals. His experience is based on direct observation as well as the exploration of many reading methods. Danny’s goals in consultation is to encourage confidence free from misplaced negative perceptions, and caution or address issues when called for. Happiness and awareness of self, others and everything. He has a wide range of life experiences and has met many diverse people to delve within for consultations and perspective.

Gray Crawford
Olympia, WA
Astrological Focus
I synthesizes modern and ancient approaches to astrology in my practice, having learned Evolutionary Astrology from Jeff Green in the past, and currently learning Hellenistic Astrology as a student in Chris Brennan’s program. Dane Rudhyar and Demetra George are two of my biggest influences. I am a Soul-centered astrologer and predominantly use the secondary progressed chart, annual profections, planetary nodes, and dwadasama in addition to the natal chart, transits, and planetary cycles.

Julie Demboski
Seattle WA
Twitter handle: jdem759
Astrological Focus
The major asteroids in the natal chart

David Fries
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Synastry; Psychology; Outer Planetary Cycles and History; Hindu Astrology.

Madeline Gerwick
Arlington WA
Astrological Focus
Madeline is a certified astrologer, specializing in business, economic and personal astrology. Her business astrology includes consultations for businesses and other organizations, custom timings to accelerate success, and horary questions to get a clear answer from the Universe for important decisions. Each year, Madeline writes the Good Timing Newsletter, which includes business trends and economic cycles, plus tips on using the current energies in the best ways possible. Her annual Good Timing Guide provides a color-coded Guide to the energies of each day. Madeline also teaches prosperity training, primarily to business people and professionals. She has a Bachelor degree in economics, Magna Cum Laude.

Amy Herring
Shoreline, WA
Astrological Focus
Amy has been a professional astrologer for 20 years and is a graduate of Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program at the Master’s level. She focuses on the psycho-spiritual approach to astrology, to unlock insight and foster growth on all levels.
Amy has served on the board of the Washington State Astrological Association and been a returning speaker at the Northwest Astrological Conference. Her articles have appeared in publications including Dell Horoscope, WellBeing Astrology, and Llewellyn’s Moon Sign books. She has written two books on astrology: Astrology of the Moon, and Essential Astrology. Visit for readings, classes, and educational videos.

Willene Jaqua McRae
Port Townsend, WA

Astrological Focus
Willene is currently a student in the 4-year certification program at FAS. She has just completed her first year and is impressed with the program. Willene is strongly influenced by the work of Richard Tarnas. Her two abiding interests are depth psychology and archetypal astrology. She is very active in the Port Townsend Friends of Jung.

Mary Knowlson
Edmonds, Wa. 98020
(425) 778-5373

Astrological Focus
She earned her certification in Natal Astrology from WSAA in 1990. Please contact me for readings for Natal, Compatibility, Career or Horary.

Jill Leitner
Woodland Park, CO

Rick Levine
Redmond, WA
rlevine (at) stariq (dot) com
Facebook page: Astrologer

Astrological Focus
I focus on the planets. And the people.

Consy Malasoma
Issaquah, WA
Astrological Focus
Consy uses astrology readings when she does a Feng Shui consultation. She contributes to Downtown Zen magazine in Las Vegas and add astrology tips or Moon phases. Consy have clients in Las Vegas that she sees when she visits there and she loves to review the Moon’s Nodes and karmic signatures.

Laura Nalbandian
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Laura is a second-generation astrologer, practicing and teaching Karmic/Evolutionary Astrology since 1987. Laura’s philosophy centers on the soul’s evolution through lifetimes of incarnations; that our soul chooses the complete set of circumstances to be born into in any given life. These circumstances include the date, time, location, parents and cultural system, and they provide us and the soul exactly what is needed to evolve. Our natal chart is the map of the soul’s issues/history and of our personality. Laura uses the chart to help understand soul/life purpose, as well as current life challenges.

Jeff Peters
Port Ludlow, Washington
Astrological Focus

Jeff has 47 years western tropical astrology experience. Facilitating a weekly astrological group in Port Townsend on Wednesdays for last 10 years. The 3rd Wednesday of each month Jeff presents to the general public at Pippa’s Real Tea in Port Townsend an astrological look at the upcoming month. Graduate from Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary School of Astrology program with a Master Level certification. There are very few areas of astrology Jeff is not fluent in. With a combination of astrology and shamanic technique perhaps we can discover where your story line may require some tweaking.

Elle Simon
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Western (mainly)
Author: Swimming In Your Brain
Graduate Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Science
Additional Studies: USC Communications Arts & Sciences
Inner Guide Meditation Consultant, Student of Edwin Steinbrecher
Readings can be in person, by telephone, or on Skype, and a summary of the Reading can be emailed after the consultation. Initiation into the Inner Guide Meditation is usually in-person and includes a personal workbook. Incorporated into my Astrolgical and IGM work are Numerology, Tarot, and the Ancient Chinese Art of I Ching.

Orest Taraban
Seattle, Wa
Astrological Focus
Financial Astrology

Bob Wartinger
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Focus on business astrology. Teach “An Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine” classes.

Jenn Zahrt, PhD
Seattle, WA
Astrological Focus
Jenn is a consulting and researching astrologer who emphasizes Hellenistic, medieval, fixed star, and visual astrological techniques in her practice. In 2012, Jenn earned her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley with a thesis about astrology in German culture in the early twentieth century. She has taught and lectured internationally on the history, philosophy, and epistemology of astrology. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Kepler College, and she publishes and edits books, articles, columns, and almanacs for various astrologers, the Sophia Centre (Wales), and her own Rubedo Press (, and Galatura (

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