Q&A with Adam Elenbaas

What brought you to astrology? I became interested in astrology through a series of psychedelic medicine ceremonies in the Amazon rainforest. The non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by the plant medicine, which is called “ayahuasca,” exposed me to the idea that celestial objects and events have a direct relationship to events in the psyche. Why […]

A Rough and Ready Guide to Horary Astrology

Written by Wade Caves Each branch of astrology serves its own purpose. Natal astrology seeks to explore the birth chart to unlock hidden potential and explore essential life themes. Mundane astrology focuses primarily on the fates of cities and nations, using the celestial bodies to chart their courses and involvement in world affairs. Electional astrology is […]

Q&A with Wade Caves

What brought you to astrology? I had a lot of difficulty fitting in when I was growing up, but did manage to find a close knit group of friends at a new school who had a wide range of eclectic interests – traditional Norse music, river dancing, numerology, tarot, and astrology. As I spent more […]

Q&A with Patricia Walsh (redux)

What brought you to astrology? Around the age of 16, I dove into The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, which unfortunately was not true, but which gave me a basic foundation of how to calculate a chart and understand the planets and signs. It piqued my innate curiosity about the human psyche; so, of […]