Taste of WSAA Lecture Submissions

Guidelines for Taste of WSAA Lecture Submissions

1. You must be a current WSAA member. If you are unsure that your membership is current, please contact John Foster.

2. Submissions are open from Oct. 27, 2016 through Jan. 27, 2017.

3. Submit a clear title and brief outline of your talk to Marcela Andaluz by midnight, Jan. 27, 2017.

4. Membership will vote (using an online survey during the period Jan. 30, 2017 through Feb. 7, 2017) for two participants to give their talks at the May 2017 meeting. The speaker results will be announced at the February 2017 Lecture.

5. Talks must be astrology centric. By “centric” we mean that they must focus on and explain or demonstrate an astrological method or astrological technique that you have found helpful or insightful as an astrologer.

6. Practice your talk! Give your friends a brief preview, or record yourself.

7. If you will need to use the LCD projector/screen, or whiteboard and pens, please let us know when you submit your talk!

8. If your will have handouts to accompany your talk. please bring enough for at least 30 people.

9. Work to engage your audience, teach while having fun, and share your excitement about astrology… it’s contagious.

10. Keep your talk to 40 minutes.  We will give a subtle five-minute and not-so-subtle one-minute warning.

11. Your lecture will be recorded.

12. Be sure that all material presented is your own, and mention those whose ideas you share.